Andy Brierley - Framework Technical Director (Utility)

Andy Brierley is responsible for leading the Lanes team that maintains the wastewater network service for Thames Water. The 1,400 wastewater professionals he manages monitor, clean and repair by far the largest, most complex and strategically important sewer network in the UK on behalf of 15 million Thames Water customers.

Andy has led that team from the beginning. He was the driving force behind Lanes winning an initial contract with Thames Water in 2011, then becoming sole WNS maintenance partner and being awarded additional contracts, including wet well cleaning and tankering.

He is recognised across the water utility industry as an inspirational pioneer of new approaches to WNS maintenance and of managing large and complex teams in a way that delivers customer excellence.

Andy has a particular focus on combining the safety and wellbeing of the supply chain workforce with novel ways to drive operational efficiency and effectiveness through partnership working with Thames Water.

Examples include the development of an industry-leading digital app platform for operational management, a pioneering wellbeing initiative to measure workforce happiness and provide support for colleagues who ask for it, and the development and launch of the world’s first virtual reality gameplay training facility in a 360-degree video theatre.

Benefits delivered for Thames Water and Lanes as a result include reduction in annual training costs, consistently exemplary health, safety and wellbeing performance, record high CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores for wastewater network services and improved WNS resilience, greatly reducing flooding and pollution risks.

Andy is the chair of Thames Water’s Health and Safety Leadership Team. Under his leadership, Lanes has won many national awards, including in May 2019 a Skills Accord for setting the highest standards of skills development and training in the utility industry.

In 2017, Andy won the Future Water Association People’s Award for his contribution to the water industry. In 2019 he won the RoSPA Distinguished Service Award for contributions to occupational health and safety.