CSR: Charity



Stroke Association 

Stroke is fast becoming one of the biggest health challenges that the UK suffer from, with it now becoming the 3rd largest cause of death in the UK, killing more women then breast cancer and more men than prostate and testicular Cancer.

For anyone surviving a stroke often suffer with sudden and devastating impacts on their lives, this could be for a short time, or could result in life altering changes, affecting, jobs, livelihoods, activity, and so on. 

Lanes Group plc have pledged to supporting Stroke Association as part of the 5 charities over 5 years campaign believing in the support that Stoke Association offer as they help so many people and people that have been close to our hearts as well.  


Each year 1 in 4 people are affected by mental health. To bring this closer to home that is 550 of our 2200 staff. Mental health is a problem that people feel they can only face alone, Which is where Mind come in, they not only offer support for people going through any mental illness, they offer guidance and coaching for people in an effort to help them recover, and then continue that support to help that person or group of people lead full and amazing lives.  

We at Lanes Group don't want anyone to feel alone when going through anything especially if it is affecting them mentally. Knowing the devastation that mental illness can cause we wanted to show our support by supporting Mind as one of our 5 charities over 5 years and help all those who need in in the hopes that they gain full recovery 

The Sick Children's Trust

With approximately 2 million children sent to hospitals throughout the UK for treatment, whether it is to treat minor injuries or because they have been diagnosed with a terminal disease. The Sick Children's Trust was set up to give the children who are now fighting for their lives and the families that surround a chance to be more comfort and more importantly together during those difficult days. 

We at Lanes Group believe that children are the future, and we understand that no matter where you are and what you are doing, your children come first. This belief is a large reason why we want to show our support for The Sick Children's Trust and have named them one of our 5 charities over our 5 year plan. 


Sarcoidosis UK 

With virtually no support, hardly any awareness and a desperate lack of knowledge on the condition, Sarcoidosis is one fo the must under funded and unknown conditions within the UK. Thsi led to the charity Sarcoidosis UK being created in an effort to help build awareness, generate funding for a cure and offer support for all those that have suffered with the condition. 

Lanes Group support this endeavour wholeheartedly and wanted to offer our support by naming the charity one of our 5 charities over 5 year plan, so that we can help aid Sarcoidosis UK in their mission to help cure this horrible disease,


The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation

The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation was formed back in 1997 to help in the aid of children and their families that are suffering with life-threatening and life altering diseases and conditions. The foundation looks to offer as much support not only to the children, but the families to help ease the strain and the pressure that they are going through whether that is through care, tips and support, and funding to help any financial strain caused. 

Lanes Group plc Irish subsidiary AQS Environmental Solutions have named The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation as one o our 5 charities over 5 years, in order to help raise funds to enable the continuation of the support offered in order to offer those families the support they need.