CSR: Education 

Lanes Group plc is committed to the education of both our staff and also well as the general public.  Here at Lanes we believe that through our Corporate Social Responsibility policy regarding the impacts that inproper waste disposal has on the environment, your bills, your businesses and your properties education is the key to changing behaviour in the long term . As a company we are committed to encouraging everyone to look after their drains and the sewer network.

As part of that education process Lanes recently worked alongside several schools to educate the young minds of our great nation, on the long term implications that in-proper disposal can have on the collective sewer network by launching a nationwide campaign to teach about the perils of FOG (fats, oils and grease) in schools. 

Lanes have achieved this by working alongside teachers, schools and the media to help spread the word. Lanes have even gone so far as to create downloadable PDF teachers resource fact files, certificates, lessons plans to make the subject as simple and as engaging as possible. Lanes even included a sticker to reward the pupils.

View the film below of a year 5 class based at the Bacup Holy Trinity Stacksteads C of E Primary School in Bacup, taking part in the fatberg fighters lesson. And more importantly really enjoying it! 

For further information or to download and print our material please visit our Lanes for Drains web page