Kevin Moon - Director of Business, Scotland

The newest member of the board, Kevin joined in 2014. His focus and responsibility lie in overseeing the rebranding, launch and realignment of the Scottish offices into fully functioning Lanes regional bases. Crucial to this is ensuring that they offer the same breadth of quality services and standards of excellence that Lanes’ customers have come to expect.

With ten years in the wastewater and drainage industry, as well as key positions in blue chip organisations (Motorola, J.W.Galloway (Scotbeef) and EEG), Kevin is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He brings a wealth of industry and commercial experience to the table.

Transferring the Glasgow office and depot at Castlemilk into new nearby premises is allowing Glasgow City Council to regenerate the old buildings and surrounding area, whilst Lanes remains in the area where many staff live. Significant improvements have also been made in the delivery and structure of the operation in this region, improving the financial performance.